Multimedia projects that I produced for Cabrini College’s Multimedia Story Creation course:

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Content comes from my course page:

Welcome! This site showcases multimedia stories that I have produced in Cabrini College’s COM 301 – Multimedia Story Creation course.

Throughout this course, we have learned the elements of non-fiction narrative storytelling using digital media. The media that was required in every video we produced was photography, B-roll, C-roll, audio, voice-over narration, ambient sound, and interviews all while following the steps of the multimedia storytelling process.

As part of this course, the class individually worked on three projects–one slideshow with audio, a video narrative, and a complete multimedia story focusing on a current news topic in a macro and micro perspective.

Some of the key takeaways I have gotten from this course have been how to be an effective storyteller using various media. Prior to this course, the only experiences that I had in the communication department were journalism and basic photography. I didn’t really have any prior experience with video or video editing but I feel as though my knowledge has increased a lot through the course this semester. I have learned how to follow the multimedia storytelling process from storyboard strips to editing in Final Cut Pro, and finally developing a complete multimedia package. These would include our video, a short post about what the story is about and creating a portfolio with every element that it took to complete the project.

Here, you will find videos that tell stories about the daily life of a student athlete playing basketball, someone who engages in social media marketing and how he trains his interns, and finally, someone who is in the transition between traditional media and digital media.