Scrawl Place: “Ode to the Magic

Midway Journal: “My Alma Mater Emails A Coupon for Will-Writing Services In the Middle of A Pandemic” & “The Blue Carpet” (Best of the Net nominee)

Anti-Heroin Chic: “Poem Beginning with a Retweet

The Broadkill Review: “What If We Lost the Night Sky?” & “Crimson King

Kissing Dynamite: “King Hades Makes Orpheus a Magician This Time

Black Cat Magazine: “Planet C Writes an Anti-Love Poem to Mankind” (page 24)

Anti-Heroin Chic: “They Say to Never Meet Your Superheroes

FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art: “NASA Scientists Confirm Earth Dating the Moon

Serotonin: “Anxiety Test

Chaotic Merge Magazine: “When You Say ‘Don’t Ever Change’” (page 52)

The Jupiter Review: “‘Starships’ In the Basement

Sledgehammer Lit: “Perseverance Lands on Mars” (Best of the Net nominee) and “My Body As An Electrical Storm

The Dillydoun Review: “A Prismatic State of Mind

Gnashing Teeth Publishing: “In the 15-Minute Observation Period After Receiving My First COVID-19 Vaccine Dose

Wine Cellar Press: “L-O-V-E

The Jupiter Review: “Monster

Selcouth Station: “My Mother Reads ‘The Kissing Hand’ to Me Before Bed

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perhappened: “won●der●land

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The Daily Drunk: “Happy Trees


Boats Against the Current: In Which An Obituary Forces Me to Contemplate Life, published in their first print issue

Nick Virgilio Haiku Association: Haiku in Action Anthology, volume 2

Toho Journal: “Darkness and Hope” (read below)