Video Narrative

The Power of Social Media

By Erica Abbott

Social media is a part of our daily lives–mostly everyone these days can be seen on some form of it whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. But how can you use social media in a business sense

Rich DeMatteo, co founder of Bad Rhino, Inc. does just this. A day in the life of working in social media marketing can include contacting clients, posting and interacting with client customers over social media. and mentoring interns. The Bad Rhino, Inc. office, located right in Wayne, allows for students interested in social media marketing to increase their knowledge about social media and work with it in a business setting.

Mentoring the interns on social media marketing allows for a hands-on experience using the tools and networks that you would be using everyday, including Hootsuite. They can then take what they’ve learned and engage with client customers via major social media networks.

A day in the life of someone who engages in social media marketing includes a lot but, at the end of the day, you’re learning the power that social media can hold.